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The fast-changing Arctic, rethinking Arctic security for a warmer world, edited by Barry Scott Zellen

The fast-changing Arctic, rethinking Arctic security for a warmer world, edited by Barry Scott Zellen
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non fiction
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The fast-changing Arctic
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edited by Barry Scott Zellen
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Northern lights series,, no. 15, 1701-0004
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rethinking Arctic security for a warmer world
"In this timely new book, international scholars and military professionals come together to explore the strategic consequences of the thawing of the Arctic. Their analyses of efforts by governments and defence, security, and coast guard organizations to address these challenges make timely and urgent readingRather than a single national perspective, The Fast-Changing Arctic brings together circumpolar viewpoints from North America, Europe and Asia for an integrated discussion of strategic military, diplomatic, and security challenges in the high North. Thoughtful analyses are included of different regions, climate issues, institutions, and foreign and security policies."--Pub. desc
Table Of Contents
1. The Fast-Changing Maritime Arctic, / Lawson W. Brigham -- 2. Can We Keep Up with Arctic Change? / Alun Anderson -- 3. "Politicization" of the Environment: Environmental Politics and Security in the Circumpolar North, / Lassi Kalevi Heininen -- 4. Conceptualizing Climate Security for a Warming World: Complexity and the Environment-Conflict Linkage, / Daniel Clausen and LTJG Michael Clausen, USCG -- 5. Cooperation or Conflict in a Changing Arctic? Opportunities for Maritime Cooperation in Arctic National Strategies, / Ian G. Brosnan, Thomas M. Leschine, and Edward L. Miles -- 6. Energy and the Arctic Dispute: Pathway to Conflict or Cooperation? / Nong Hong -- 7. Maritime Boundary Disputes in East Asia: Lessons for the Arctic, / James Manicom -- 8. Babysteps: Developing Multilateral Institutions in the Arctic, / Maj. Henrik Jedig Jørgensen -- 9. Structural, Environmental, and Political Conditions for Security Policy in the High North Atlantic: The Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland, / Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen -- 10. U.S. Arctic Policy: The Reluctant Arctic Power, / Rob Huebert -- 11. U.S. Defense Policy and the North: The Emergent Arctic Power, / Barry Scott Zellen -- 12. Mirror Images? Canada, Russia, and the Circumpolar World, / P. Whitney Lackenbauer -- 13. Russia's Arctic Strategy: Ambitions and Restraints, / Katarzyna Zysk -- 14. Russia Opens Its Maritime Arctic, / Lawson W. Brigham -- 15. Regional Security and Prosperity: The U.S. Russia Reset in the Antimeridianal Arctic, / Caitlyn Antrim -- 16. Stability and Security in a Post-Arctic World: Toward a Convergence of Indigenous, State, and Global Interests at the Top of the World, / Barry Scott Zellen
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