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Sexual enslavement of girls and women worldwide, Andrea Parrot and Nina Cummings

Sexual enslavement of girls and women worldwide, Andrea Parrot and Nina Cummings
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non fiction
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Sexual enslavement of girls and women worldwide
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Andrea Parrot and Nina Cummings
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Practical and applied psychology,, 1938-7725
The U.S. State Department estimates 800,000 victims, mostly women and children, are trafficked for sex trade across nations each year and millions more are trafficked within countries, including the U.S., Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands. In this book, the authors outline the scope and growth of the sex slave market today and explain the history with various elements (economic, political, cultural, and religious) that make this trade difficult to fully expose, quell, combat, and shut down. We hear from girls and women around the world describing how sexual enslavement has tortured them physically emotionally and spiritually, whether they suffered at the hands of prison guards in Turkey, criminals in Washington, or buyers dealing with parents who sell their daughters for the sex slave trade in Greece, Belgium, or France. The authors also describe national and international efforts and legislation passed or in design to stop sex slavery. Successful countries and regions are spotlighted. Most important, the authors point out actions still needed to stop the sex slavery trade. -- From book jacket
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The scope of the problem -- Conditions supporting sexual slavery -- Trafficking -- War-induced sexual slavery -- Ritual sexual slavery -- Forced marriage -- Sexual servitude -- Solutions : success stories and legislation -- Consequences of sexual slavery and trafficking of girls and women -- Initiatives to stop sexual slavery : international, national, and legislative
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