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Green matters, by Nick Farrow, Episode 19

Green matters, by Nick Farrow, Episode 19
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Green matters
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by Nick Farrow
Genetic Bank- At Buenos Aires Zoo they're doing more than just feeding, exercising and caring for their animals--they're also trying to save them from extinction, with an international programme to freeze their genetic material. Scientists at the zoo began the programme in 2005 to collect genetic material from south American felines at the zoo, and store them in a frozen gene bank. Horseback Fishermen- For more than 500 years, tradition Has held on in this small coastal village in Flanders, Belgium. Oostduinkerke is the last place in the world where horseback shrimpers continue their ancient practice. Hundreds of horseback fishermen used to work in France, the Netherlands and Britain, entering the North Sea at low tide to scoop the fish into their nets. Today fewer than a dozen men still fish this way. For them it's not a profitable business, but it's more than a hobby--it's in their blood. Cycle Recycling- Taking recycling to a whole new level is the city of Inverness in Scotland. They're repairing unclaimed bikes that were either lost or stolen, and making them available for free public use around the city. Monitoring A Changing Earth- Our world is changing. Rising seas, melting icecaps, violent storms, floods, desertification--all are part of the pattern of global warming. How to better monitor and record the changes across the globe has become an important issue. Addressing this, the group on earth observations, or GEO, held a summit in South Africa. Ukraine Bottle House- There's a house in north-east Kiev that might not win any prizes for architectural design, but it certainly qualifies for most unusual construction material. It's been built entirely from empty alcohol bottles, all retrieved from the banks of the nearby Dnieper River. The owner of the house is the chief of the local river rescue service. After spending his summers picking up discarded bottles he decided to put them to use. Mexico Butterflies- it's a long and arduous journey, thousands of kilometers. But every year millions set out for Michoacan in the Mexican mountains. It is here that the Monarch Butterflies finally complete their famed migration, and hordes of people gather to see them. Silicon Wafers- Not very long ago the contents of these drums would have been crushed and sent to landfill. They are silicon wafers, used to make chips for electronic products--from mobile phones to computers. Each year around 3 million are discarded, many of them destroyed because of the intellectual property etched on their surface
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