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Green matters, by Nick Farrow, Episode 11

Green matters, by Nick Farrow, Episode 11
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Green matters
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by Nick Farrow
Oxford Biofuels- Operating since the 11th century, the University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. In this college kitchen dating back to 1427, they're cooking up new ways to help the environment. Used cooking oil is collected from college kitchens and turned into biofuel. It's part of a trial of alternative fuels for the University's vehicles. Red Algae- Vizhinjam is an idyllic fishing village on the western coast of India. For centuries the families in this village have derived their livelihood from fishing. But climate change and overfishing have affected stocks and families now struggle to make ends meet. There is hope however, and it comes in the form of a red algae or kelp, a type of seaweed. Thai Fish Leather- A few years ago, Thai fish skins were either tossed away or sold as cheap fried food. Now, they're used around the world as a stylish fashion material. The skin is from the tropical Tilapia fish, commonly farmed and sold in Thailand. At this seafood factory south of Bangkok, 30,000 pieces of Tilapia fish are cleaned, sliced and skinned every day. New Jersey Wind Turbine- For more than 50 years Michael Mercurio has enjoyed life in his seaside town in New Jersey. So it came as a big surprise when neighbours sued him for erecting a backyard wind turbine. He says it's an attempt to fight global warming and the flooding effect on his small beach community. Dolphin Protest- The renewed Japanese whale hunt arouses worldwide controversy and protest. But in historic whaling town, Taiji (ty-gee), there is another, less known hunt. Each year, from October to March, thousands of dolphins are herded into shallow waters, trapped and butchered. UK Bird Island- A twelve million pound project backed by Britain's Royal Society for the preservation of birds will create a wetland paradise for birds on the Essex coast. 763 hectares on Wallasea Island--an area two and a half times the size of the city of London--will be returned to its original salt marsh state. Spain Solar- Europe's first commercial solar plant is now operating at Sanlucar La Mayor, in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Energy company, Solucar, began construction of the plant, known as PS10, in 2004. Costing 35 million Euros, US 45 million dollars, it was designed to produce enough electricity for a medium-size town
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