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Think green, by Andrew Thomson and Gillian Bartlett, Episode 22

Think green, by Andrew Thomson and Gillian Bartlett, Episode 22
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Think green
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by Andrew Thomson and Gillian Bartlett
Changing face of trees: A conference to discuss the effects of climate change on British trees. Grizzly bears: Grizzly bears to be removed from Endangered Species List. Cleaner transport: The theme of this conference - Cleaner transport, public and private. Death knell for oil: The future of the oil industry is uncertain, not because of supply, but demand. Iraqi marshes: We take a look at the marshlands of Southern Iraq. Recycling yoghurt pots: Recycling yoghurt pots and turning them into building material. Brazil penguins: Stranded and injured penguins found on the shores of Brazil. Sharks/turtles: Chinese NBA superstar pledges to stop eating shark fin soup. Heathers: Heather is being grown to benefit the rare silver studded blue butterfly. Seagrass atlas: A new global atlas has been launched highlighting their location. UK: Eco toilet - We look at a new way to flush our toilets - just add air. Argentina condors: These birds have been released and can be tracked by satellite for research. Farmers conference: A conference where farmers are being advised they need to adapt to compete with cheap food from abroad. Elephant collaring: Animal activists demand DNA testing on Thai elephants bound for Australia
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