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Dinosaurs, the science behind the stories, Judith G. Scotchmoor [and others]

Dinosaurs, the science behind the stories, Judith G. Scotchmoor [and others]
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Judith G. Scotchmoor [and others]
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the science behind the stories
Using dinosaurs to illustrate the nature and methods of science, leading paleontologists relate how we know what we know. Follow their fascinating journey as they work through multiple lines of evidence that have led to new hypothesis, discoveries, and understandings of the history of life on Earth
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Unearthing the past / Dale A. Springer and Judith G. Scotchmoor -- The science of paleontology : new views on ancient bones / Scott D. Sampson -- Dinosaur evolution : from where did they come and where did they go? / Anthony J. Martin -- Chasing Tyrannosaurus and Deinonychus around the tree of life : classifying dinosaurs / Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. -- It takes time : dinosaurs and the geologic timescale / Spencer G. Lucas -- Where dinosaurs roamed the earth / Catherine A. Forster -- Revealing the whole picture : reconstructing an ecosystem / David E. Fastovsky -- The supporting cast : dinosaur contemporaries / Nicholas Fraser -- Evidence of dinosaur social behavior / Jack Horner -- Dinosaur physiology : hot, cold, or lukewarm? / Armand de Ricqlès -- Feathers and flight : current ideas / Philip J. Currie -- Dinosaur extinction : changing views / J. David Archibald -- Taphonomy : the story of death and destruction / Anthony R. Fiorillo -- Walking in their footprints and what they left us : dinosaur tracks and traces / Joanna L. Wright and Brent H. Breithaupt -- Raising the dead : excavating dinosaurs / Daniel J. Chure -- Applying 21st century technology to very old animals / Ralph E. Chapman [and others] -- Putting the pieces together : dinosaur restoration / Robert F. Walters and Tess Kissinger -- Dinosaur superlatives / Peter Dodson -- The art of illustrating science / Dale E. Springer and Brian Platt -- Dinosaurs in the movies : fiction and fact / Donald F. Glut
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