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The rights of the people, how our search for safety invades our liberties, David K. Shipler

The rights of the people, how our search for safety invades our liberties, David K. Shipler
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The rights of the people
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David K. Shipler
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how our search for safety invades our liberties
From a Pulitzer Prize winner and the bestselling author of "The Working Poor" comes an impassioned, incisive look at the violations of civil liberties in the United States that have accelerated over the past decade--and their direct impact on our lives
Table Of Contents
The Bill of Rights -- Saving the Constitution. The state religion ; Deviations ; Secret suppression ; Criminal acts ; Lawyers versus the rule of law ; Taking changes -- Another country. Frisking pedestrians ; Profiling cars and drivers ; Obtaining consent -- Defending the system. An indifference to perjury ; Discrediting the police ; Sowing reasonable doubt ; The airtight arrest ; Subtle shortcuts -- With warrants and without. Home invasion ; Deterring the police ; Undoing the exclusionary rule ; Suspicionless searches -- Patriotic acts. Sneak and peek ; Junk forensics ; Secret surveillance and self-deception ; The investigator's toolbox -- The law falls silent. The continuum of intrusion ; Data : destroy or disseminate ; Mission creep ; A bigger haystack ; Contempt of court -- The right to be let alone. the poetry of privacy ; The tyranny of technology ; The surveillance-industrial complex ; The privatization of searches -- Life, liberty, and the pursuit of terrorists. Rorschach tests ; Terrorism and the Bill of rights ; Conspirators and wannabes -- The High Court of history
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