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Criminal investigation, [the art and the science], Michael D. Lyman

Criminal investigation, [the art and the science], Michael D. Lyman
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non fiction
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Criminal investigation
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Michael D. Lyman
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[the art and the science]
Table Of Contents
Pt.1 Fundamentals of criminal investigation. Foundations and history of criminal investigation -- The crime scene: field notes, documenting, and reporting -- Processing the crime scene -- pT.2 Follow-up investigative processes. Identification of criminal suspects: field and laboratory services -- Legal issues in criminal investigation -- Pt. 3 Obtaining information. Interviews and interrogations -- Criminal intelligence and serveillance operations -- Management of informants and undercover operations -- Pt. 4 Crimes against persons. Death investigations -- Robbery -- Assault and related offenses -- Missing and abducted persons -- Crimes against children: child abuse, child fatalities, and exploitation -- Pt. 5 Crimes against property. Theft-related offenses -- Arson, bombings, and terrorism -- Pt. 6 Vice and profit-related crime. Special investigations: drug trafficking and gangs -- Special investigations: White-collar, corporate, and computer-related crimes -- Pt. 7 Prosecution. Preparation for court
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