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How Einstein created relativity out of physics and astronomy, David R. Topper

How Einstein created relativity out of physics and astronomy, David R. Topper
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 235-245) and index
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non fiction
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How Einstein created relativity out of physics and astronomy
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David R. Topper
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Astrophysics and space science library, 394
This book tracks the history of the theory of relativity through Einstein?s life, with in-depth studies of its background as built upon by ideas from earlier scientists. The focus points of Einstein?s theory of relativity include its development throughout his life; the origins of his ideas and his indebtedness to the earlier works of Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Mach and others; the application of the theory to the birth of modern cosmology; and his quest for a unified field theory. Treading a fine line between the popular and technical (but not shying away from the occasional equation), this book explains the entire range of relativity and weaves an up-to-date biography of Einstein throughout. The result is an explanation of the world of relativity, based on an extensive journey into earlier physics and a simultaneous voyage into the mind of Einstein, written for the curious and intelligent reader
Table Of Contents
pt. 1. Genesis : riding a beam of light -- Galileo discovers inertia & the relativity of motion -- Einstein's first famous thought experiment -- Einstein : from Zürich to Bern & the Annus Mirabilis -- Converge, convert, & conserve : physics before Einstein -- pt. 2. Special relativity -- Einstein 1905 : the theory of relativity is born -- The Michelson-Morley muddle -- What does the theory predict? -- From railroad time to space-time -- 1911 : the paradox about time -- Is the theory true today? -- pt. 3. General relativity -- Galileo discovers how bodies fall -- 1907 : Einstein's second famous thought experiment -- Enter, Mach's principle; or, seduced by an idea -- Einstein's epic intellectual journey : 1907 to 1915 -- 1916 : the great summation paper on general relativity -- 1920 : Year of fame, year of infamy -- 1922 : what is time? Bergson versus Einstein ... and the prize -- 1931 : Einstein's first visit to Caltech -- Is the theory true today? -- pt. 4. Cosmology -- Cosmological conundrums and discoveries since Newton -- Einstein 1917 : modern cosmology is born -- Three challenges to Einstein's cosmic model -- 1931 : Caltech, again; Einstein meets Hubble -- Cosmology since 1931 : highlights and episodes -- pt. 5. Exodus : quest for a unified field theory -- Roots of, and routes toward, unification -- 1931 : Caltech, once more -- Exit, Mach; or, the perils of positivism -- The quest ... and the quarrel over quanta -- Legacy : from pariah to posthumous prophet
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