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Seven deadly sins, constitutional rights and the criminal justice system, David R. Lynch, Molly Sween, Mark Denniston, and Bruce Bayley

Seven deadly sins, constitutional rights and the criminal justice system, David R. Lynch, Molly Sween, Mark Denniston, and Bruce Bayley
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Seven deadly sins
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David R. Lynch, Molly Sween, Mark Denniston, and Bruce Bayley
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constitutional rights and the criminal justice system
"Seven Deadly Sins presents seven core constitutional virtues, introduced to the reader via their mirror opposites, which the authors call the "seven deadly constitutional sins" of the criminal justice system. These negative attributes or "sins" are: intolerance, subterfuge, intrusiveness, craftiness, favoritism, cruelty, and subservience to authority. Some of these negative attributes are housed entirely in one amendment to the constitution (e.g. cruelty) while others span several areas of the Bill of Rights (e.g., subservience to authority). Each negative trait is presented in two companion chapters. The first of the two chapters introduces the negative trait (e.g., "intolerance") and establishes its constitutional place via a presentation of various, appellate law decisions written in language suitable for an undergraduate student. The second, or companion, chapter then presents real world, non-legal "stories" from the field in the areas of policing and corrections that illustrate the trait using a more "hands on" approach."--Back cover
Table Of Contents
I. Intolerance : Unpopular speech : People v. Rokicki ; Texas v. Johnson ; Snyder v. Phelps ; Miller v. California ; Brandenburg v. Ohio -- Unpopular religion : Reynolds v. United States ; Wisconsin v. Yoder ; Elane Photography v. Willock -- Unpopular assemblies : People ex rel. Gallo v. Acuna et al -- Unpopular media : Near v. Minnesota -- II. Intolerance in law enforcement and corrections : Law enforcement : Sheriff Joe Arpaio ; Warm Sands sex sting ; Be wary of Christians and fundamentalists ; UC Davis pepper spray incident ; Ogden gang injunction -- Corrections : Bradley or Chelsea ; Satanism behind bars ; Infant inmates ; "Illegal" corrections officers ; Criminal or client ; Incarcerating the mentally ill -- III. Subterfuge : Subterfuge and the police : Miranda v. Arizona ; Schneckloth v. Bustamonte ; Maryland v. Garrison ; United States v. Pavelski ; Miller v. Fenton -- Subterfuge in corrections : Johnson v. Avery ; Procunier v. Martinez ; Wolff v. McDonnell -- Subterfuge and the courts : People v. Kin Kan ; Kyles v. Whitley ; Miller v. Pate ; Batson v. Kentucky -- IV. Subterfuge in law enforcement and corrections : Law enforcement : LAPD CRASH ; Serpico ; Abner Louima ; Amadou Diallo ; Mollen Commission -- Corrections : Joyce Mitchell and the New York prison break ; The Washington Redskins ticket sting ; Uncovering jail corruption ; Illegal relationships ; Strip searches -- V. Intrusiveness : The privilege against self-incrimination : Murphy v. Waterfront Commission -- Freedom from unreasonable searches : Katz v. United States ; California v. Greenwood ; Florida v. Jardines ; Riley v. California --Improper seizures of the person : Dunway v. New York ; Delaware v. Prouse -- The general right to privacy : Griswold v. Connecticut ; Roe v. Wade ; Lawrence v. Texas -- VI. Intrusiveness in law enforcement and corrections : Law enforcement : Sandusky traffic stop ; Drug-sniffing dogs ; North Dakota cattle dispute ; Using technology to "see" through walls ; Third-party doctrine -- Corrections : Strip searches of inmates ; Cell searches ; College courses for inmates ; Strip searching jail/prison visitors ; Solitary confinement ; Transgendered inmates -- VII. Craftiness : Police craftiness : Jacobson v. United States ; Minnesota v. Reha ; United States v. Webb -- Prosecutorial craftiness : Yick Wo v. Hopkins ; United States v. Armstrong ; Blackledge v. Perry ; Ashe v. Swenson ; People v. Shazier -- Judicial craftiness : United States v. Booker ; Boykin v. Alabama ; In re Gault -- VIII. Craftiness in law enforcement and corrections : Law enforcement : Operation Blue Shepherd ; Entrapped autistic teen ; Coerced confessions; Duke lacrosse rape case ; Picking cotton -- Corrections : Random drug tests ; Body scanners ; Global positioning systems ; Drug dogs ; Officer corruption -- IX. Favoritism : Criminal law and courts : Craig v. Boren ; Michael M. v. Superior Court of Sonoma County ; McCleskey v. Kemp -- Discrimination against other groups : Bernal v. Fainter ; Plyler v. Doe ; City of Cleburne v. Cleburne Living Center -- Marriage and intimacy : Loving v. Virginia ; Romer v. Evans ; Obergefell v. Hodges -- Exceptions : Grutter v. Bollinger -- X. Favoritism in law enforcement and corrections : Law enforcement : KFC robber ; Sitting while Black ; Show me your papers ; Calling the cops on the cops ; Use your own bathroom -- Corrections : School to prison pipeline ; Private probation officers as debt collectors ; Powder vs. crack cocaine sentencing ; Racial segregation in prison -- XI. Cruelty : Evolving standards of decency : Trop v. Dulles ; Baze v. Rees ; Glossip v. Gross -- Disproportionate sentences : Solem v. Helm ; Ewing v. California ; Miller v. Alabama -- Conditions of confinement : Hope v. Pelzer ; Brown v. Plata -- XII. Cruelty in law enforcement and corrections : Law enforcement : Multiple anal probes ; Terrorist interrogations ; Cleveland police and excessive force ; Rodney King ; Freddie Gray -- Corrections : The death penalty and lethal injection ; Tasers ; Restraint chairs ; Stun cuffs ; Shackling pregnant offenders ; Executing juveniles -- XIII. Subservience : At home and on the street : D.C. v. Heller ; Glik v. Cunniffe -- Before and during trial : Gideon v. Wainwright ; Crawford v. Washington -- Jury deliberations : Duncan v. Louisiana ; In re Winship ; Sullivan v. Louisiana ; Victor v. Nebraska ; State v. Smith-Parker -- XIV. Subservience in law enforcement and corrections : Law enforcement : Eric Garner ; Walter Scott ; Video recording the police ; Waco siege ; Denver jury nullification fliers -- Corrections : Defense attorneys now social workers ; Inmates defending themselves ; Beat up squads -- XV. Botched justice: poorly decided legal cases of the past : Johnson v. M'Intosh ; Dred Scott v. Sanford ; Ruffin v. Commonwealth ; Bradwell v. Illinois ; Plessy v. Ferguson ; Buck v. Bell ; Minersville School District v. Gobitis ; Korematsu v. United States ; Bowers v. Hardwick
Constitutional rights and the criminal justice system
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