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Against white feminism, notes on disruption, Rafia Zakaria

Against white feminism, notes on disruption, Rafia Zakaria
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Against white feminism
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Rafia Zakaria
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notes on disruption
"A radically inclusive, intersectional, and transnational approach to the fight for women's rights. Elite white women have branded feminism, promising an apolitical individual empowerment along with sexual liberation and satisfaction, LGBTQ inclusion, and racial solidarity. As Rafia Zakaria expertly argues, those promises have been proven empty and white feminists have leant on their racial privilege and sense of cultural superiority. Drawing on her own experiences as an American Muslim woman, as well as an attorney working on behalf of immigrant women, Zakaria champions a reconstruction of feminism that forges true solidarity by bringing Black and brown voices and goals to the fore. Ranging from the savior complex of British feminist imperialists to the condescension of the white feminist-led "development industrial complex" and the conflation of sexual liberation as the "sum total of empowerment," Zakaria presents an eye-opening indictment of how whiteness has contributed to a feminist movement that solely serves the interests of upper middle-class white women"--, Provided by publisher
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Introduction: At a wine bar, a group of feminists -- In the beginning, there were white women -- Is solidarity a lie? -- The White Savior Industrial Complex and the Ungrateful Brown Feminist -- White feminists and feminist wars -- Sexual liberation is women's empowerment -- Honor killings, FGC, and white feminist supremacy -- "I built a white feminist temple" -- From deconstruction to reconstruction -- Conclusion: On fear and futures
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