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American work, four centuries of black and white labor, Jacqueline Jones

American work, four centuries of black and white labor, Jacqueline Jones
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 489-528) and index
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non fiction
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American work
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Jacqueline Jones
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four centuries of black and white labor
Table Of Contents
Part I: Insubordinates: servants and slaves in a militarized age. Places of labor's "hard usage" in the South before slavery -- Memory and misery: white servants and the origins of slavery in the South -- The work of insurrection: black and white labor in the eigteenth-century South -- "Domestik enemies": bound laborers in New England and the Middle Colonies, 1620-1776 -- The emergence of free labor, fettered in the North -- American work: a photo essay -- Part II: Workers and overworkers: black and white labor in the era of slavery. Black and white hands in a slaveholders' republic, 1790-1860 -- The racial politics of Southern labor in peacetime and war, 1820-1870 -- White men "in a tight place": black poverty and black protest in the antebellum North -- White citizens and black denizens: workers in the North during the era of the Civil WarPart III: The rise and decline of the racialized machine: technological and political change in the workplace. The modernization of prejudice: economic change and the social division of labor, 1870-1930 -- Can you see a tomorrow there? industrial transformation and Federal civil rights legislation, 1929-1978 -- Industrial devolution and the persistence of the "race watch" at the end of the twentieth century -- Familes, fraternities, and sites of diversity: affirmative action in historical perspective
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