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The 50 healthiest habits and lifestyle changes, Myrna Chandler Goldstein and Mark Allan Goldstein, MD

The 50 healthiest habits and lifestyle changes, Myrna Chandler Goldstein and Mark Allan Goldstein, MD
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The 50 healthiest habits and lifestyle changes
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Myrna Chandler Goldstein and Mark Allan Goldstein, MD
This book summarizes the findings of scientific research studies to provide readers with straightforward information on a wide variety of healthy habits and the factors that may make them difficult to follow
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Introduction -- Forming and reforming habits -- Food and healthy eating: -- Avoid unhealthy diets and weight-loss methods -- Don't skip breakfast -- Drink sufficient water -- Eat meals as a family as often as possible -- Eat more local foods -- Eat organically grown foods when possible, especially for certain foods -- Eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables -- Eliminate or greatly reduce the trans fats in your diet -- Incorporate healthier snacks into your diet -- Limit fast food intake -- Limit the intake of caffeine and energy drinks -- Limit processed food -- Limit sodium and salt intake -- Read food labels -- Reduce your intake of refined sugar -- Exercise and physical activity: -- Make time for frequent exercise -- Participate in group sports -- Walk or bike instead of driving whenever possible -- Medical care and avoiding medical issues: -- Don't use antibiotics unless necessary -- Get vaccinated for conditions that affect teens -- Maintain good bone density -- Practice excellent home dental care -- Prevent Vitamin D deficiency -- Protect your hearing -- Take care of your feet -- Safety: -- Don't text while driving -- Learn ways to prevent violence -- Prevent sports injuries -- Use protective gear -- Use seatbelts -- Mental, emotional, and social health: -- Build social connections and friendships with peers -- Build your resilience -- Don't become a bully -- Improve self-esteem -- Maintain a healthy body image -- Practice mindfulness -- Sex and dating: -- Get screened for STIs -- Get vaccinated for HPV (Human Papillomavirus) -- Cultivate healthy dating relationships -- Practice safer sex -- Use emergency contraception when necessary -- Other lifestyle choices: -- Avoid electronic cigarettes -- Avoid indoor tanning beds -- Get enough sleep -- Improve health literacy skills -- Learn more about Internet addiction -- Limit exposure to electromagnetic fields -- Limit screen time -- Reduce stress -- Use sunscreen
Fifty healthiest habits and lifestyle changes
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