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Classical electricity and magnetism, by Wolfgang K.H. Panofsky and Melba Phillips

Classical electricity and magnetism, by Wolfgang K.H. Panofsky and Melba Phillips
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Classical electricity and magnetism
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by Wolfgang K.H. Panofsky and Melba Phillips
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Addison-Wesley series in physics
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The electrostatic field in vacuum -- Boundary conditions and relation of microscopic to macroscopic fields -- General methods for the solution of potential problems -- Two-dimensional potential problems -- Three-dimensional potential problems -- Energy relations and forces in the electrostatic field -- Steady currents and their interaction -- Magnetic materials and boundary value problems -- Maxwell's equations -- Energy, force, and momentum relations in the electromagnetic field -- The wave equation and plane waves -- Conducting fluids in a magnetic field (magnetohydrodynamics) -- Waves in the presence of metallic boundaries -- The inhomogeneous wave equation -- The experimental basis for the theory of special relativity -- Relativistic kinematics and the Lorentz transformation -- Covariance and relativistic mechanics -- Covariant formulation of electrodynamics -- The Liénard-Wiechert potentials and the field of a uniformly moving electron -- Radiation from an accelerated charge -- Radiation reaction and covariant formulation of the conservation laws of electrodynamics -- Radiation, scattering, and dispersion -- The motion of charged particles in electromagnetic fields -- Hamiltonian formulation of Maxwell's equations -- Appendix I. Units and dimensions in electromagnetic theory -- Appendix II. Useful vector relations -- Appendix III. Vector relations in curvilinear coordinates
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