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Glow, how you can radiate energy, innovation, and success, Lynda Gratton

Glow, how you can radiate energy, innovation, and success, Lynda Gratton
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Lynda Gratton
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A BK business book
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how you can radiate energy, innovation, and success
Bestselling author Lynda Gratton--one of the top twenty management thinkers in the world according to the Financial Times--follows up her bestseller Hot Spots, (over 16,000 sold) by taking a deep look at people who GLOW--individuals in organizations who radiate energy and attract others to them -- who are able to create, find, and flourish in hot spots of innovation
Table Of Contents
The secrets of glowing -- Your glow resources -- The first principle : a cooperative mindset -- Stories about the warmth of cooperation and the big freeze -- Action 1 : developing the daily habits of cooperation -- Action 2 : mastering the art of great conversation -- Action 3 : acting on the "smell of the place" -- The second principle : jumping across worlds -- Chocolate stories and connecting different worlds -- Action 4 : increasing the value of your networks -- Action 5 : jumping out of the boundaries that constrain you -- Action 6 : finding and moving to boundaryless places -- The third principle : igniting latent energy -- Action 7 : asking questions that spark energy -- Action 8 : creating visions that compel -- Action 9 : crafting meaningful and exciting work -- Glowing every week
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