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Alienated America, why some places thrive while others collapse, Timothy P. Carney

Alienated America, why some places thrive while others collapse, Timothy P. Carney
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Alienated America
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Timothy P. Carney
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why some places thrive while others collapse
Respected conservative journalist and commentator Timothy P. Carney continues the conversation begun with Hillbilly Elegy and the classic Bowling Alone in this hard-hitting analysis that identifies the true factor behind the decline of the American dream: it is not purely the result of economics as the left claims, but the collapse of the institutions that made us successful, including marriage, church, and civic life"Should you be more worried about a church closing in your town than a factory closing? During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump proclaimed, 'The American Dream is dead,' a message that resonated across the country: Washington Examiner editor Timothy Carney traveled Middle America, pored over county-level maps and data, and sorted through sociological studies, and had a startling revelation: Donald Trump is right, but the death of the American Dream is a social phenomenon, not an economic one. In some parts of the United States, life seems to be getting worse because citizens are facing their problems alone. These communities have seen declines in marriage, voting, church attendance, and volunteer work. Even when money comes back to town, happiness does not return if people there do not reengage. The educated and wealthy elites, on the other hand, tend to live in places where institutions are strong, or have enough money to insulate themselves. Carney visits all corners of America, from the dim country bars of southwestern Pennsylvania to the bustling Mormon wards of Salt Lake City, and provides the most important data and research to explain why failing social connections are responsible for the great divide in America. Alienated America confirms the conservative suspicion that these places cannot be fixed with job-training programs or more entitlement spending, and backs up the liberal belief that new Trump voters are not coming to his rallies to support corporate tax cuts or Obamacare repeal. Tim Carney will change the way you look at the challenges facing modern America and presents a framework for leading us out of the wilderness."--Dust jacket
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It takes a village : where the American dream lives -- Progress at a price : the changing American dream, 1955-2018 -- "They've chosen not to keep up" : is it economics or culture? -- American decay : broken places, broken people -- "I don't" : the dissolution of the family -- Bowling alone : the dissolution of civil society -- It's about church : America's indispensable institution -- Overcentralization : how big business and bit government erode civil society -- Hyper-individualism : how the modern economy and the sexual revolution erode civil society -- The alienated : Trump country -- The elites : the village of man -- The church people : the village of God -- Overcoming alienation : problems and solutions
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