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Failed states, the abuse of power and the assault on democracy, Noam Chomsky

Failed states, the abuse of power and the assault on democracy, Noam Chomsky
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 265-300) and index
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non fiction
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Failed states
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Noam Chomsky
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American empire project
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the abuse of power and the assault on democracy
The United States has repeatedly asserted its right to intervene militarily against "failed states" around the globe. Chomsky turns the tables, charging the United States with being a "failed state," and therefore a danger to its own people and the world. "Failed states," Chomsky writes, are those "that do not protect their citizens from violence and perhaps even destruction, that regard themselves as beyond the reach of domestic or international law, and that suffer from a 'democratic deficit, ' having democratic forms but with limited substance." Exploring recent U.S. foreign and domestic policies, Chomsky assesses Washington's escalation of nuclear risks; the dangerous consequences of the occupation of Iraq; and Americas's self-exemption from international law. He also examines an American electoral system that frustrates genuine political alternatives, thus impeding any meaningful democracy.--From publisher description
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Stark, dreadful, inescapable -- Outlaw states -- Illegal but legitimate -- Democracy promotion abroad -- Supporting evidence: the Middle East -- Democracy promotion at home
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