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Student life, Karen Miller, book editor

Student life, Karen Miller, book editor
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 199-202) and index
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non fiction
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Student life
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Karen Miller, book editor
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Opposing viewpoints series
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opposing viewpoints/
This volume explores the topic of student life by presenting varied expert opinions that examine many of the different aspects that surround this issue. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find sources and publications. Allows the reader to attain the higher-level critical thinking and reading skills that are essential in a culture of diverse and contradictory opinions
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College drinking is a serious problem / George W. Dowdall -- College alcohol use is on the decline / Erin M. English, Michael D. Shutt, and Sara B. Oswalt -- The college "hookup" culture is widespread / Emily Foxhall -- The college "hookup" culture is exaggerated by the media / Jennie Yabroff -- Adderall is a dangerous, addictive drug / Megan Twohey -- Cognitive-enhancing drugs are useful study aids / Anne McIlroy -- Universities need to provide better access to sexual health information and services / PR Newswire -- Students need to take responsibility for their sexual health / Caitlin Myers -- Most college students have adequate health insurance / John E. Dicken -- College students are underinsured / Arelis Hernanadez -- Schools face dilemmas about privacy and intervention when confronted with troubled students / Michael Bogdanoff -- Athletic programs enhance the college experience / Rob Jenkins -- College athletic programs undermine academics / Matthew Denhart, Robert Villwock, and Richard Vedder -- Hazing rituals strengthen teams and bond teammates / Gary Alan Fine -- Regardless of student perceptions, hazing is dangerous and harmful / Jennifer J. Waldron -- Title IX has improved sports programs / Cathryn L. Claussen -- Title IX undermines sports programs / Allison Kasic and Kimberly Schuld -- Membership in a Greek letter organization enhances the college experience / Sarah Gwin -- Sororities are out of touch with today's members / Elizabeth Leigh Farrington -- Greek members are more likely to binge drink and use drugs / Ashlei N. Stevens -- Greek letter organizations are unfairly portrayed in popular culture / Sarah Ball -- Membership in Black Greek organizations can be beneficial / Fred A. Bonner II
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