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Diaries of war, two visual accounts from Ukraine and Russia, Nora Krug

Diaries of war, two visual accounts from Ukraine and Russia, Nora Krug
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Diaries of war
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Nora Krug
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two visual accounts from Ukraine and Russia
Powerful graphic journalism that highlights the contrasting realities of a Ukrainian journalist and a Russian artist grappling with their own individual experiences of Russia's war on UkraineImmediately after Russia began its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Nora Krug reached out to two anonymous subjects--"K.," a Ukrainian journalist, and "D.," a Russian artist--and began what would become a year of correspondence. Based on her weekly interviews with K. and D., Krug created this collection of illustrated accounts that chronicles two contrasting viewpoints from opposing sides of the first year in this ongoing war. With millions displaced, injured, or killed as a result of the invasion, Krug presents a look at the devastating effects on an everyday, individual level. K.'s diary documents a year of emotional and existential distress. She experiences loss in every sense of the death of those close to her, the disconnection from her family and friends, and the devastation of her country--but her account is also a story about bravery and survival in the face of dire uncertainty. In juxtaposition, D.'s narrative details his disdain for his government's murderous actions and his attempts at emigrating his family abroad. He navigates his own struggle with cultural identity, guilt, and lack of action in the face of a tyrannical regime--a perspective that is necessary in challenging readers to confront the political actions of their own countries. Krug approaches Diaries of War with the immense skill and thoughtfulness required to document these two complicated experiences for the purpose of encouraging critical thinking
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