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The complete dinosaur, edited by James O. Farlow and M.K. Brett-Surman ; art editor, Robert F. Walters

The complete dinosaur, edited by James O. Farlow and M.K. Brett-Surman ; art editor, Robert F. Walters
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The complete dinosaur
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edited by James O. Farlow and M.K. Brett-Surman ; art editor, Robert F. Walters
The complete book about Dinosaurs
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pt. 1. The discovery of dinosaurs. The earliest discoveries / William A.S. Sarjeant -- European dinosaur hunters / Hans-Dieter Sues -- North American dinosaur hunters / Edwin H. Colbert -- Asian dinosaur hunters / John R. Lavas -- Dinosaur hunters of the southern continents / Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. -- pt. 2. The study of dinosaurs. Hunting for dinosaur bones / David D. Gillette -- The osteology of the dinosaurs ; The taxonomy and systematics of the dinosaurs / Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. and M.K. Brett-Surman -- Dinosaurs and geologic time / James O. Farlow -- Technology and the study of dinosaurs / Ralph E. Chapman -- Molecular paleontology : rationale and techniques for the study of ancient biomolecules / Mary Higby Schweitzer -- Dinosaurs as museum exhibits / Kenneth Carpenter -- Restoring dinosaurs as living animals / Douglas Hendersonpt. 3. The groups of dinosaurs. Politics and paleontology : Richard Owen and the invention of dinosaurs / Hugh Torrens -- Evolution of the Archosaurs / J. Michael Parrish -- Origin and early evolution of dinosaurs / Michael J. Benton -- Theropods / Philip J. Currie -- Segnosaurs (Therizinosaurs) / Teresa Maryańska -- Prosauropods / Jacques VanHeerden -- Sauropods / John S. McIntosh, M.K. Brett-Surman, and James O. Farlow -- Stegosaurs / Peter M. Galton -- Ankylosaurs / Kenneth Carpenter -- Marginocephalians / Catherine A. Forster and Paul C. Sereno -- Ornithopods / M.K. Brett-Surmanpt. 4. Biology of the dinosaurs. Land plants as food and habitat in the age of dinosaurs / Bruce H. Tiffney -- What did dinosaurs eat? : coprolites and other direct evidence of dinosaur diets / Karen Chin -- Dinosaur combat and courtship / Scott Sampson -- Dinosaur eggs / Karl F. Hirsch and Darla K. Zelenitsky -- How dinosaurs grew / R.E.H. Reid -- Engineering a dinosaur / R. McNeill Alexander -- Dinosaurian paleopathology / Bruce M. Rothschild -- Dinosaurian physiology : the case for "intermediate" dinosaurs / R.E.H. Reid -- Oxygen isotopes in dinosaur bone / Reese E. Barrick, Michael K. Stoskopf, and William J. Showers -- A blueprint for giants : modeling the physiology of large dinosaurs / Frank V. Paladino, James R. Spotila, and Peter Dodson -- New insights into the metabolic physiology of dinosaurs / John Ruben [and others] -- The scientific study of dinosaur footprints / James O. Farlow and Ralph E. Chapman -- The paleoecological and paleoenvironmental utility of dinosaur tracks / Martin G. Lockleypt. 5. Dinosaur evolution in the changing world of the Mesozoic Era. Biogeography for dinosaurs / Ralph E. Molnar -- Major groups of non-dinosaurian vertebrates of the Mesozoic Era / Michael Morales -- Continental tetrapods of the early Mesozoic / Hans-Dieter Sues -- Dinosaurian faunas of the later Mesozoic / Dale A. Russell and José F. Bonaparte -- The extinction of the dinosaurs : a dialogue between a catastrophist and a gradualist / Dale A. Russell and Peter Dodson -- pt. 6. Dinosaurs and the media. Dinosaurs and the media / Donald F. Glut and M.K. Brett-Surman --Appendix : A chronological history of dinosaur paleontology / M.K. Brett-Surman
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