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Uganda, a country study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Rita M. Byrnes

Uganda, a country study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Rita M. Byrnes
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 245-270) and index
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Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by Rita M. Byrnes
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Area handbook series,, 1057-5294DA pam, 550-74
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a country study
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Historical legacies and social divisions -- Uganda before 1900. Early political systems ; Long-distance trade and foreign contact -- The colonial era. The issue of independence ; Power politics in Buganda -- Independence: the early years -- Military rule under Amin -- Uganda after Amin. The interim period, 1979-80 ; The second Obote regime, 1981-85 ; The return of military rule, 1958 -- Physical setting. Location and size ; Land use ; Mountains ; Lakes and rivers ; Climate -- Population. Size ; Composition and distribution -- Ethnic diversity and language. Eastern Lacustrine Bantu ; Western Lacustrine Bantu ; Eastern Nilotic language groups ; Western Nilotic language groups ; Central Sudanic language groups ; Foreigners -- Religion. World religions ; Local religions ; Millenarian religions -- Social change -- Women in society -- Education. The school system ; Teachers ; Educational finance -- Health and welfare. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) ; Health care ; Social welfare -- Historical background -- Growth and structure of the economy -- Role of the government. Direct economic involvement ; Budgets ; Rehabilitation and development plan -- Labor force -- Agriculture. Crops ; Livestock ; Fishing ; Forestry -- Industry. Energy ; Manufacturing ; Mining -- Tourism -- Transportation and communications. Rail and road systems ; Air transport ; Communications -- Banking and currency. Banking ; Domestic credit ; Currency and inflation -- Foreign trade and assistance. Foreign trade ; Balance of payments ; External debt ; Aid ; Regional cooperation -- The ten-point program -- Constitutional development -- System of government. The executive ; The National Resistance Council ; Local administration ; Judicial system ; Elections -- Political dynamics. Fears of regional domination ; Buganda and the kingship ; Political parties ; Surprise political tactics -- Foreign relations. Regional organizations ; Kenya and Tanzania ; Uganda's other neighbors-Sudan, Rwanda, and Zaire ; Britain ; The United States ; Israel ; The Soviet Union -- National security environment -- Military history. Early development ; World War I ; World War II -- National security since independence. The first Obote regime: the growth of the military ; Idi Amin and military rule ; The second Obote regime: repression continues ; The rise of the National Resistance Army -- The armed forces in society. Constitutional authority ; Defense spending ; Military strength ; Military service ; Veterans ; Kadogos -- Foreign military assistance. Foreign assistance in the 1960s and 1970s ; Foreign assistance in the 1980s -- External security concerns. Zaire ; Sudan ; Kenya ; Rwanda -- Internal security services. Early development ; Postindependence security services -- Criminal justice system. Prison system ; Patterns of crime and the government's response -- Human rights
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