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Troll factories, Russia's web brigades, Andrew Karpan, book editor

Troll factories, Russia's web brigades, Andrew Karpan, book editor
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 116-120) and index
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non fiction
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Troll factories
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Andrew Karpan, book editor
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At issue. International politics
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Russia's web brigades
Many Americans became aware of Russia's web brigades during the 2016 presidential election, during which allegations of Russian interference came to light. However, Russia's history of online meddling extends back to the early 2000s and far beyond just the United States. This volume explores the little known history of Russia's troll factories and the role they have played in various political movements and events, as well as the factors that enabled this interference and the possible means of combatting it. --, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
The establishment of a troll state / Vsquare -- Russia's sense of self / Stephen Hutchings and Joanna Szostek -- Information as a weapon / Chris Collison -- A case study in finding an online army / Tatiana Stanovaya -- A case study in using an online army / Miriam Elder -- Templates and guidelines for Russian trolls / Aric Toler -- Today's troll armies / Paul Gallagher -- Russia's troll armies attack Europe / Robert Booth, Matthew Weaver, Alex Hern, Stacee Smith, and Shaun Walker -- Russian trolls on Facebook for Trump / House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence -- Troll lives matter? : Russian infiltration of the black lives matter movement / Micah White -- Case studies in troll armies around the world : China / Gary King, Jennifer Pan, and Margaret E. Roberts -- Case studies in troll armies around the world : the Philippines / Chay F. Hofileña -- The redistribution of information / Branko Milanovic -- Understanding media in the era of "Fake News" / Madeleine Crean -- Organizations to contact -- Bibliography -- Index
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Russia's web brigades
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