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Making seafood sustainable, American experiences in global perspective, Mansel G. Blackford

Making seafood sustainable, American experiences in global perspective, Mansel G. Blackford
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Making seafood sustainable
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Mansel G. Blackford
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American business, politics, and society
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American experiences in global perspective
"Analyzes the ramifications of overfishing for the United States by investigating how fishers, seafood processors, retailers, government officials, and others have worked together to respond to the crisis. Historian Mansel G. Blackford examines how these players took steps to make fishing in some American waters, especially in Alaskan waters, sustainable. Critical to these efforts, Blackford argues, has been government and industry collaboration in formulating and enforcing regulations. What can be learned from these successful experiences? Are they applicable elsewhere? What are the drawbacks? ...addresses these questions and suggests that sustainable seafood management can be made to work. The economic and social costs incurred in achieving sustainable resource usage are significant, but there are ways to mitigate them. More broadly, this book illustrates ways to manage commonly held natural resources around the world--land, water, oil, and so on--in sustainble ways"--, Provided by publisher
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Pt. I. Government regulation : Global over-fishing and new regulatory regimes -- Successes and failures in the regulation of American fisheries -- pt. II. The industry: Salmon fishing from open access to limited entry -- King crabbing: catch limits and price setting -- Bottom fishing: quotas and sustainability -- pt. III. Changing the food chain: The companies: controlling food chains -- Reaching consumers: from processing to retailing -- Appendix: The top-ten U.S. seafood suppliers, 1999-2006, with sales
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