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Stanislavski and the actor, Jean Benedetti

Stanislavski and the actor, Jean Benedetti
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Stanislavski and the actor
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Jean Benedetti
In "Stanislavski and the Actor", Stanislavski scholar and biographer Jean Bendetti has recovered materials that can stand as a final, "last work" by the great director and teacher. In this volume readers will find the first English text of Stanislavski s notes and practical exercises from these last sessions. This is a major rediscovered work by Stanislavski, full of new ideas and insights about his working method. To the original materials Jean Benedetti adds his own analysis of Stanislavski's approach to acting and rehearsal methods. The master's own summary of a lifetime of theatrical experience, Stanislavski and the Actor will quickly become an essential tool for actors, students, and teachers everywhere
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- How to use this book -- Stanislavski: a biographical note -- Part One: An outline of the method of physical action -- Part Two: The Stanislavski method -- Physical action -- Mental action -- Mind and body -- Interaction -- Tempo-rhythm -- Verbal action -- Physical characterization -- Total action -- Performance mode -- Part Three: The method of physical action in rehearsal -- Part Four: Stanislavski's master classes on Hamlet -- Conclusion -- Appendix One: Variations in terminology -- Appendix Two: Index of the principal terms used
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