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Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, Tim Blanning

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, Tim Blanning
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 611-621) and index
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non fiction
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Frederick the Great
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Tim Blanning
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King of Prussia
"Tim Blanning, a master of combining the fields of political, economic, social, and intellectual history, is just the writer to bring us both Frederick's military triumphs--he consolidated a kingdom of scattered territories into one formidable nation--as well as his cultural and political accomplishments. From his long relationship with Voltaire to his musical talent to his patronage of the decorative and fine arts to the reinvigoration of German theater, Frederick infused Prussian culture with the ideas of the Enlightenment and--where it suited him--applied them to his own authoritarian rule. In the influences he took from the past and the ideas he borrowed from the Enlightenment, Frederick was uniquely poised to rule over the total cultural and political transformation of Prussia"--Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Part I. The sufferings and greatness of Frederick -- The inheritance -- The breaking of Frederick -- The making of Frederick -- The making of Frederick (part two) -- The masterful servant of the state -- Culture -- Part II. War and peace -- Peace and war, 1745-1756 -- The Seven Years War : the first three campaigns -- The Seven Years War : disaster and survival -- The Seven Years War : why Frederick won -- A long peace, a short war and double diplomacy -- Part III. On the home front -- Public and nation -- Light and dark on the home front -- Country and town -- At court and at home -- Conclusion: Death and transfiguration
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