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Indonesia, a country study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by William H. Frederick and Robert L. Worden

Indonesia, a country study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by William H. Frederick and Robert L. Worden
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 381-424) and index
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non fiction
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Federal Research Division, Library of Congress ; edited by William H. Frederick and Robert L. Worden
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Area handbook series,, 1057-5294DA pam, 550-39
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a country study
Discribes the history, politics, customs, etc. of India
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Early history. The spread of Indian civilization ; Indianized empires -- The coming of Islam -- European intrusions. The United East India Company ; The Dutch on Java, 1619-1755 ; VOC bankruptcy and the British occupation -- The Netherlands Indies empire. The Java War and cultivation system ; Dutch expansion in Sumatra and the eastern Archipelago ; Colonial economy and society. 1870-1940 -- The growth of national consciousness. The ethical policy ; Early political movements ; Sukarno and the nationalist movement -- World War II and the struggle for independence. The Japanese occupation, 1942-45 ; The National Revolution, 1945-49 -- Independence: the first phases, 1950-65. Guided democracy ; Years of living dangerously ; Sukarno's foreign policy ; The coup and its aftermath -- The new order under Suharto. The state and economic development ; The Pancasila and political parties ; Territorial continuity: Irian Jaya and east Timor ; Foreign policy under Suharto -- The geographic context. Geographic regions ; Climate ; Environmental concerns ; National territory: rights and responsibilities -- The emerging framework for the Indonesian nation. Population ; Urbanization ; Migration -- Social classes -- Religion and worldview. Islam ; Christianity ; Hinduism ; Buddhism -- The emerging national culture. Living environments ; Language ; Food, clothing, and popular culture -- Sources of local identification. Tradition and multiethnicity ; Javanese ; Sundanese ; Balinese ; Peoples of Sumatra ; Ethnic minorities -- Education. Primary and secondary education ; Islamic schools ; Higher education -- Health. Services and infrastructure ; Government support ; Traditional and modern health practices ; Acquired immune deficiency syndrome ; Pharmaceuticals ; Public sanitation -- Role of government. The politics of economic reform ; Financial reform ; Trade and industrial reform -- Government finance. Central government budget ; Monetary and exchange rate policy -- Foreign aid, trade, and payments. Aid and trade policies ; Direction of trade -- Employment and income -- Agriculture. Development trends ; Land use and ownership ; Economic benefits and the transmigration program ; Food crops ; Estate crops ; Livestock ; Fishing ; Forestry -- Industry. New order developments ; Foreign inputs ; Small-scale industry ; Regional industrial development -- Minerals. Petroleum, liquefied natural gas, and coal ; Other minerals -- Infrastructure and services. Transportation ; Post and telecommunications ; Electric power -- The political debate -- The constitutional framework -- The structure of government. Legislative bodies ; The executive ; The judiciary ; Local government -- Political culture. Traditional political culture ; Islamic political culture ; Modern political culture ; Pancasila: the state ideology -- The political process. Political parties ; Elections ; Political dynamics -- The media -- Foreign policy. Political considerations ; Human rights and foreign policy ; Participation in ASEAN ; Indonesia, ASEAN, and the third Indochina war ; Relations with neighboring nations ; Relations with East Asia ; Relations with the United States -- The pursuit of public order -- Historical background -- The armed forces in the national life. Political and administrative role ; Participation in the economy ; National defense and internal security ; Defense spending and defense industry ; Personnel ; Leadership transition -- Organization and equipment of the armed forces. Administrative and command structure ; Military education ; The army ; The navy ; The air force ; The national police ; Conditions of service ; Women in the armed forces ; Uniforms, ranks, and insignia -- Foreign military relations -- Security and intelligence agencies -- The criminal justice system. Crime and political offences ; Criminal law ; The administration of criminal justice ; The penal system ; Narcotics and counternarcotics operations
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