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Making civilizations, the world before 600, edited by Hans-Joachim Gehrke

Making civilizations, the world before 600, edited by Hans-Joachim Gehrke
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non fiction
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Making civilizations
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edited by Hans-Joachim Gehrke
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A history of the world
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the world before 600
"From the History of the World series, Making Civilizations traces the origins of large-scale organized human societies. Led by archaeologist Hans-Joachim Gehrke, a distinguished group of scholars lays out latest findings about Neanderthals, the Agrarian Revolution, the founding of imperial China, the world of Western classical antiquity, and more"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Prehistory and ancient history / Hermann Parzinger -- Introduction -- The emergence of modern humans -- Sedentism, a productive economy, and group identity -- Innovations, upheavals, and complex societies -- Areas beyond advanced civilizations -- On time axes and axial ages -- Early civilizations of the ancient Near East: Egypt and Western Asia / Karen Radner -- Introduction -- Early states -- Writing everywhere: bureaucrats, men of letters, and trading companies -- Chariots and glass: new toys for royal brethren -- A new beginning: petty states and great empires -- The world of classical antiquity / Hans-Joachim Gehrke -- Introduction -- On the way to a new world: the Mediterranean and its environs -- Persians and Greeks: the world divided -- The Roman Republic -- The Hellenistic world -- The zenith and decline of the Roman Republic -- The Roman Empire and global unity -- Ancient China / Mark Edward Lewis -- Introduction -- Geographic background -- The archaic state: Shang and Zhou -- The warring states transition -- The first empires: Qin and Han -- Early cities -- The great families: Wei and Jin -- The military dynasties: Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, and Northern Wei -- The institutional religions: Daoism and Buddhism -- Medieval cities -- Early Imperial China and the outer world -- Reunification and the fall of the Sui dynasty -- South Asia and Southeast Asia / Axel Michaels -- Introduction -- Harappan civilization -- The arrival of the Indo-Aryans -- Vedic culture -- State structures and ascetic movements -- Between the great empires: transregional connections -- The classical age and the formation of Hinduism -- India's influence in East and Southeast Asia
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