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Hurricanes of the North Atlantic, climate and society, James B. Elsner, A. Birol Kara

Hurricanes of the North Atlantic, climate and society, James B. Elsner, A. Birol Kara
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non fiction
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Hurricanes of the North Atlantic
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James B. Elsner, A. Birol Kara
"Called the greatest storms on the planet, hurricanes are phenomenal yet menacing features of the tropical North Atlantic Ocean, causing immense social and economic upheaval. As people continue to develop coastal areas, society's liability to hurricanes will dramatically increase, regardless of changes in the environment. This book addresses these key issues, providing a detailed examination of hurricanes with respect to both climate and society. It covers everything from historical data sets and hurricane statistics to prediction models used in forecasting to societal vulnerability to hurricanes, including ideas on risk management. Special attention is given to major North Atlantic hurricanes, particularly those storms that make landfall in the United States." "Scientists in the fields of meteorology, climatology, and economics as well as decision makers in government and industry concerned with disaster relief and insurance will find this book an invaluable reference."--Jacket
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climate and society
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Hurricane Characteristics -- Hurricane Categories and Impacts -- Hurricane Climate Data -- North Atlantic Hurricanes -- Tropical Only Hurricanes -- Baroclimically Enhanced Hurricanes -- Major Hurricanes -- U.S. Hurricanes -- Hurricanes of Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Bermuda -- Hurricane Cycles and trends -- Hurricane Return Periods -- Hurricanes of the Early 1990s -- History of Seasonal Hurricane Forecasting -- Seasonal Forecast Models -- Sub Basin Forecast Models -- Prospects for Extended Range Outlooks -- People at Risk -- Property at Risk -- Catastrophe Insurance -- Integrated Assessment
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