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Unlocking the possibilities, insider secrets to college, career, and beyond, Thomas M. Evans

Unlocking the possibilities, insider secrets to college, career, and beyond, Thomas M. Evans
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Unlocking the possibilities
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Thomas M. Evans
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insider secrets to college, career, and beyond
"Terrified of failing #adulting? A wise, kind uncle started the conversation with, "This is the way it really works . . ." Unlocking the Possibilities is that conversation. From launching your adult life to finding a life partner (and acing college in between), you can focus on a clear path to achieve what you want"--, Provided by publisher
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Chapter 1: Get started secrets. Gain experience and maturity ; Master new life skills ; The "success sequence" path to a good life ; Is "follow your passion" sound advice ; Research your career alternatives ; Use your time well while deciding ; Consider trade school--even if collegebound ; Don't let betrayal stop you -- Chapter 2: College secrets. Is going to college right for you? ; It won't be your parent's college experience ; Where to go and what to study? ; Design your college major and career ; Plan the most efficient path to graduation ; Graduate early from college ; Minimize college costs ; Make money from your study secrets ; Critical college mistakes to avoid -- Chapter 3. Learning secrets. The most efficient way to ace college ; Read the chapter before the lecture ; Learn fast with the self-test system ; Mind maps and memory tips ; What if your beliefs differ from your professor's -- Chapter 4. Homework and test secrets. Home work best practices ; How to conduct internet research ; Create and give presentations ; Get excellent test grades without stress -- Chapter 5. Writing and term paper secrets. Use powerful writing tools ; Structure is an essential writing aid ; Write great term papers ; Contrast ideas to compose great papers ; Overcome "writer's block" -- Chapter 6. Organizational and study secrets. Manage your time ; Create your study environment ; Organize class materials ; Stock your office with what you need -- Chapter 7. Productivity tool secrets. Jump-start your projects ; Write reports using computer dictation software ; Learn a junior version of shorthand ; Master Microsoft Office programs ; Speed read with comprehension ; Listen to audio textbooks ; Why is "creativity" a productivity tool? -- Chapter 8. Handle stress secrets. Stay healthy ; Find a mentor to advise you ; Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? ; Good days and bad days ; Ask for help when you need it ; Dealing with loss -- Chapter 9. Career secrets. Be who you want to be (really) ; What is you know your future career? ; Your initial career is just the beginning ; "networking" is making and keeping friends ; Create a paper trail -- Chapter 10. Life secrets. Value your word ; To believe or not to believe in God ; You can change your beliefs ; How to form (and break) and habit ; Financial independence is a powerful form of freedom ; Better posture, better life ; Find a life partner
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