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Deafness and hearing impairment, Clay Farris Naff, book editor

Deafness and hearing impairment, Clay Farris Naff, book editor
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non fiction
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Deafness and hearing impairment
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Clay Farris Naff, book editor
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Perspectives on diseases & disorders
From Books Back Cover: The ailments and conditions that afflict people today can be confusing, disturbing, and painful - both emotionally and physically. The Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders series provides clear, careful explanations that offer readers and researchers insight into what these conditions are, what causes them, how people live with them, and the latest about treatment and prevention. All volumes in the series include primary and secondary viewpoints, bibliographies, detailed indexes, and lists of organizations to contact for additional information
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Foreword -- Introduction -- Understanding Deafness And Hearing Impairment -- Overview of hearing disorders / Brian Douglas Hoyle -- Hearing loss can upset balance as well as communication / Susan Schwerin -- Loud music induces hearing loss / Bernard Perusse -- Newborns should be screened for potential hearing problems / Jace Wolfe and Walter Nance -- Hearing aids help those with hearing loss / Carol A Turkington -- Cochlear implants can restore hearing / Regina Nuzzo -- Controversies Surrounding Deafness And Hearing Impairment -- Deafness is a culture like any other / Michelle Jay -- Deafness does not amount to a separate culture / James Joyner -- Deafness is a disability / Cathy Young -- Deafness should not be treated as a disability / Elaine Jarvik -- Cochlear implants are good for the deaf / Shelley Neal -- Cochlear implants are bad for the deaf / Matthew S Moore, interviewed by Jessica Young -- Personal Experiences Of Deafness And Hearing Impairment -- Sounds of silence / Judy Metter -- Growing up with deaf parents / Myron Uhlberg -- Coping with the loss of both sight and hearing / Rebecca Alexander -- Hearing loss creeps up on a naval officer / Chris Plummer -- Like father, like daughter-or maybe not / Patty Therre -- Glossary -- Chronology -- Organizations to contact -- For further reading -- Index
Deafness & hearing impairment
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