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Cannabis, a history, Martin Booth

Cannabis, a history, Martin Booth
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 403-408) and index
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non fiction
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Martin Booth
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a history
To some it's the classic "gateway drug," to others it is a harmless way to relax, or provide relief from pain. Some fear it is dangerous and addictive, while others feel it should be decriminalized. Whatever the viewpoint, cannabis incites debate at every level, and the effect it has on every corner of the globe is undeniable. In this comprehensive study, Martin Booth crafts a tale of medical advance and religious enlightenment; of political subterfuge and law enforcement; of cunning smugglers, street pushers, gang warfare, writers, artists, and musicians. And above all, Booth chronicles the fascinating process through which cannabis became outlawed throughout the Western world, and the effect such legislation has had on the global economy
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1. The fragrant cane -- 2. Out of the land of mulberry and hemp -- 3. A fibre for all seasons -- 4. The shrub of emotion, the morsel of thought -- 5. Myths and murderers -- 6. The herb pantaguelion -- 7. A la mode du hachisch -- 8. The pastor's son from Poughkeepsie -- 9. Cannabis Rx -- 10. Loosening the girders of the soul -- 11. Conventions, commissions and contraband -- 12. Mary Jane, cockroaches and the blues -- 13. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend -- 14. New York, New York -- 15. Star-busters -- 16. Dora, bebop and the vipers of London -- 17. The Beats -- 18. Turning on, tuning in and riding the bus -- 19. Ashrams and the agents of change -- 20. The times they were adjusting -- 21. Island in the sun -- 22. Swinging in London, stoned in Amsterdam -- 23. The universal friend -- 24. The balm of hope -- 25. The industry of dreams and dollars -- 26. Fudge, counter-fudge and the future
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