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Police in America, inspecting the power of the badge / edited by the New York Times editorial staff

Police in America, inspecting the power of the badge / edited by the New York Times editorial staff
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Police in America
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inspecting the power of the badge / edited by the New York Times editorial staff
What is the role of police in the United States? From their presence in individual communities, to their efforts to maintain order and curb crime, American police forces face the challenges of public scrutiny and government support. Today, those challenges extend to questions surrounding the technology police use for law enforcement purposes, from databases to drones. The urgent issues of racial profiling, police misconduct, and brutality underscore efforts for police reform and training, as seen in recent pushes for accountability through body cameras. The articles in this collection investig
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Police and the community: connecting, serving and protecting. The point of order / Nick Pinto -- New York Police to use social media to connect with residents / Benjamin Mueller and Jeffrey E. Singer -- In New York, testing grounds for community policing / J. David Goodman -- New York Police will retrain security staff at homeless shelters / Nikita Stewart and Joseph Goldstein -- Defining the role of the police in the community / Alina Tugend -- Female police officers save lives / Amy Stewart -- Supreme Court considers a thorny question of free speech and police power / Adam Liptak -- Barr says communities that protest the police risk losing protection / Katie Benner -- Assessing racial profiling and bias. What racial profiling? Police testify complaint is rarely made / Joseph Goldstein -- Are police bigoted? / Michael Wines -- Class-action lawsuit, blaming police quotas, takes on criminal summonses / Benjamin Weiser -- A struggle for common ground, amid fears of a national fracture / Jack Healy and Nikole Hannah-Jones -- Police and protesters clash in Minnesota Capital / Mitch Smith -- President Obama urges mutual respect from protesters and police / Mark Landler and Nicholas Fandos -- When police officers vent on Facebook / Shaila Dewan -- 'I was wrong' Bloomberg says. But this policy still haunts him. / Emma G. Fitzsimmons and Joseph Goldstein -- Efforts at reform: examinations of training, principles and practices. Police training and gun use to get independent review / Cara Buckley -- In police training, a dark film on U.S. Muslims / Michael Powell -- Obama puts focus on police success in struggling city in New Jersey / Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear -- Long taught to use force, police warily learn to de-escalate / Timothy Williams -- Training police in social and communication skills / The New York Times -- Police leaders unveil principles intended to shift policing practices nationwide / Al Baker -- New York Police illegally profiling homeless people, complaint says / Nikita Stewart -- A strategy to build police-citizen trust / Tina Rosenberg -- Barriers to reforming police practices / Tina Rosenberg -- Changes in policing take hold in one of the nation's most dangerous cities / Joseph Goldstein -- I'm a police chief. We need to change how officers view their guns. / Brandon Del Pozo -- The tech side: body cams, data and surveillance. Police use surveillance tool to scan social media, A.C.L.U. says / Jonah Engel Bromwich, Daniel Victor and Mike Isaac -- New York Police say they will deploy 14 drones / Ashley Southall and Ali Winston -- Cleveland police officer contacted 2,300 women using work computer, authorities say / Jacey Fortin -- Police body-cam video appears to show Willie McCoy sleeping before he was fatally shot / Jacey Fortin -- Tracking phones, Google is a dragnet for the Police / Jennifer Valentino-Devries -- Police data and the citizen app: partners in crime coverage / featuring Ali Watkins -- How the police use facial recognition, and where it falls short / Jennifer Valentino-Devries -- New Jersey bars police from using Clearview Facial Recognition App / Kashmir Hill -- Have a search warrant for data? Google wants you to pay / Gabriel J.X. Dance and Jennifer Valentino-Devries -- Abuse, deadly force and accountability. Activists wield search data to challenge and change police policy / Richard A. Oppel Jr. -- Activists say police abuse of transgender people persists despite reforms / Noah Remnick -- 4 years after Eric Garner's death, Secrecy Law on police discipline remains unchanged / Ashley Southall -- The lawyers protecting the N.Y.P.D. play hardball. Judges are calling them out. / Alan Feuer -- Fort Worth officer charged with murder for shooting woman in her home / Marina Trahan Martinez, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Sarah Mervosh -- Philadelphia police inspector charged in sexual assaults of officers / Aimee Ortiz -- Police officer charged with murder in killing of handcuffed suspect in Maryland / Neil Vigdor, Mariel Padilla and Sandra E. Garcia -- A Black police officer's fight against the N.Y.P.D. / Saki Knafo
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