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Thieves of state, why corruption threatens global security, Sarah Chayes

Thieves of state, why corruption threatens global security, Sarah Chayes
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 221-244) and index
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non fiction
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Thieves of state
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Sarah Chayes
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why corruption threatens global security
A former advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff explains the common role of corruption in today's international uprisings, tracing corruption since the 1990s while arguing that corrupt governments have been largely responsible for extreme acts of rebellion
Table Of Contents
"If I see somebody planting an IED ..." : Afghanistan, 2009 -- "Lord King, how I wish that you were wise" : mirrors for princes, ca. 700-1516 -- Hearing the people's complaints : Kandahar to Kabul, 2001-2009 -- Nonkinetic targeting : Kabul, 2009 -- Vertically integrated criminal syndicates : Kabul, Garmisch, 2009-2010 -- Revolt against kleptocracy : the Arab spring : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, 2011 -- Variation 1: The (overlooked) military-kleptocratic complex : Egypt, ca. 2010 -- Variation 2: The bureaucratic kleptocracy : Tunisia, ca. 2010 -- Variation 3: The post-Soviet kleptocratic autocracy : Uzbekistan, ca. 2013 -- Variation 4: The resource kleptocracy : Nigeria, ca. 2014 -- Up a level : Afghanistan and Washington, June 2010-January 2011 -- Forging an appeal on Earth : The Netherlands, England, America, ca. 1560-1787 -- Violent extremists -- Remedies -- Epilogue: Self-reflection
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