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European history demystified, Stephanie Muntone

European history demystified, Stephanie Muntone
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European history demystified
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Stephanie Muntone
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Demystified series
With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll understand how important battles, revolutions, movements, and people are woven into the fabric of European history and how their effects are still felt today
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Part I. Early modern Europe: The Renaissance to the seventeenth century. The Renaissance, 1350-1517 -- The Reformation, 1455-1600 -- Early czarist Russia, 1380-1613 -- Europe to 1618 -- The Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648 -- The age of monarchy -- The age of expansion, exploration, and colonization, 1492-1787 -- Part I exam -- Part II. Seventeenth-century scientific revolution to 1900. The scientific revolution and the Enlightenment, 1543-1789 -- The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, 1789-1815 -- The Industrial Revolution, 1750-1914 -- European revolutions, 1815-1849 -- Empires of Eastern Europe: Austria-Hungary and Russia to 1914 -- German and Italian unification, 1815-1871 -- World trade and empires, 1839-1914 -- Part II exam -- Part III. Twentieth-century European history. The Great War (World War I) and its aftermath, 1914-1919 -- Revolution in Russia: 1917 to the eve of World War II -- Italy: the rise of totalitarianism, 1919-1939 -- World War II, 1939-1945 -- The Cold War, 1945-1968 -- The fall of Communism, 1945-1989 -- Part III exam -- Final exam -- Afterword: Europe since the Cold War -- Answer key
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