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Mass incarceration, Rebecca Aldridge, book editor

Mass incarceration, Rebecca Aldridge, book editor
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Mass incarceration
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Rebecca Aldridge, book editor
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Opposing viewpoints series
The number of Americans who live behind bars has increased by 550 percent over the last 40 years. This has been the result of aggressive tough-on-crime legislation that had more harmful effects than lawmakers could have foreseen. Experts now see the problem but disagree on the solutions. Does incarceration limit crime, or does it simply feed into a cycle of problems that harm society and create a criminal class? Are sentences and rehabilitation programs that avoid prison time effective? This compelling volume tackles tough questions from many different angles. Full-Color Photographs, Bibliography, Charts, Graphs, Tables, Detailed Table of Contents, Further Information Section, Index, Primary Sources, Sidebars, Websites
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The importance of opposing Viewpoints introduction -- Is mass incarceration an effective system for curbing crime? Mass incarceration is unnecessary and ineffective / Inimai M. Chettiar ; What we need is more police on the street / Allison Schrager ; there are no easy solutions for the nation's drug habit / Ray Walser ; The relationship between incarceration and crime is limited / Marc Mauer, Nazgol Ghandnoosh -- What are the societal effects of incarceration? Prison is the new poverty trap / Friends Committee on National Legislation ; The criminal justice system is stacked against people of color / Jamal Hagler ; Poverty and racism are not excuses for breaking the law / Stephanos Bibas ; Mass incarceration has helped bring back debtors' prisons / Eli Hager ; Prison inmates should earn a living wage / Shafaq Hasan -- Are there problems with our prison system? Reforming drug offenses can curb mass incarceration / Sarah Childress ; A drugs first strategy cannot solve the prison problem / Jonathan Simon ; Private prisons increase capacity, save money, and improve service / Nathan Benefield ; Private prisons hinder reform, expose prisoners to violence, and increase recidivism / Alex Friedmann ; Private prisons are not the problem / Daniel Denvir -- How do we perceive crime? America needs to rethink its approach to violence / Marc Schindler ; Countries need to consider the purpose of the criminal justice system / Richard Garside ; The "Treatment Years" approach should be used for mentally ill offenders / Yuval Melamed ; Alternative ideas like genomics should be considered in approaching punishment and rehabilitation / Sohail Inayatullah ; Drug crimes are the main driver of imprisonment / Jonathan Rothwell ; Drug laws can't be blamed for mass incarceration / David W. Murray, Brian Blake, John Walters -- How do we handle crime? Rehabilitation, not punishment, should be the focus in criminal justice / Etienne Benson ; Punishment is necessary, but mandatory minimum sentences may not be / Evan Bernick, Paul J. Larkin Jr. ; The entire criminal justice system needs a smarter approach / Michele L. Jawando, Chelsea Parsons ; Ending mass incarceration requires a focus on state policy / Peter Wagner ; We need to embrace alternative strategies for dealing with offenders / Bo Lozoff and Human Kindness Foundation
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